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Etaoin Shrdlu
1.The twelve most frequent letters in the English language. 2.The twelve easiest letters to type on a Linotype keyboard. 3.A "stop here" notation inserted by Linotype typists, after a typing mistake had been made, to finish the line and to indicate to the proofreaders that the line should be removed. 4.A phrase seen in newspapers and books printed before the 1960's due to editing marks inserted by Linotype typists and subsequently missed by the proofreaders. 5.A phrase used, in part or in whole, to represent ideas of the mysterious or whimsical. Used as early as 1931 in a story by James Thurber, 'Etaoin Shrdlu' has since represented everything from nonsensical characters to sentient machines and studies into artificial intelligence.
A Linotype Machine 1.A hot lead typesetting machine invented by Ottmar Mergenthaler and first demonstrated to the New York Tribune July 3, 1886. The Linotype was innovative in the way that it brought together the casting and composition parts of the printing processes into one machine. Linotype was adopted by newspapers and book publishers as a production standard until it was replaced in the 1960's and 1970's by phototypesetting systems.